The Sweet Potato Diet

So how would eating ONLY Sweet Potatoes for a week look?

Could you get ripped on just Carbohydrates?

Dieting with potatoes is nothing new. A few examples include Kevin Smith losing 17lbs in 9 days and Penn Jillette reportedly losing up to 105lbs in just 85 days! It begs the question ‘are these crazy, unhealthy fad/crash diets’? or are the bringing people to their ‘natural bodyweight set point’ where they are simply eating until they’re satisfied, what their body needs for optimum health and no more? With variation, choice and flavourings all removed does it become purely an issue of what the body REALLY needs rather than overindulging?

It seems it’s not just overweight individuals utilising potatoes to change body composition. Famous actor Matthew Morrison ate only sweet potatoes for 3 days before a photoshoot to get ripped.

“I had to have a six-pack on show. My trainer said to eat nothing apart from sweet potato and very little water”

Are sweet potatoes almost magical or when implementing a mono diet? Do people find themselves naturally and effortlessly in a calorie deficit? If so do they get hungry? Bored? Bloated? Tired? Or perhaps just drop body fat, increase energy and always feel full and satiated. There’s only one way to find out right…

Should I do 1 week of eating JUST Sweet Potatoes (and water) whilst continuing my workout course and document the results? No calorie counting, eating until full and maintaining my current push up workout and daily activity level?

I’m very tempted….