Nutrition is a massive part of getting the body you want, you really are what you eat – which is great because you CAN eat AMAZING FOODS, feel great and look fantastic by utilising the strategies I use in my programs.

Diamond Push Ups Before After
Diamond Push Ups Before After

Let me tell you something – I eat MY FAVOURITE FOODSEVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Not only is eating healthy, nutritiously dense and chemical free food a no brainer – it allows a focus on foods that promote a strong hormonal profile, aiding in muscle building and fat burning.

The Diamond Push Up Program
The Diamond Push Up Program

I only really made progress and felt truly happy and confident on the beach/by the pool when I focused on just three things:

1. Push Ups

2. Eating for health (Lean Protein, Greens, Clean Carbs, Healthy Fats)

3. Intermittent Fasting (12-16 hours)

I made the ‘fitness equation’ simple and it was effective.

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