Mens Diet Plan

A men’s diet plan to lose belly fat and get you lean and healthy in a simple, straightforward program. If you’re looking for a plan for weight loss I have all the tips needed to successfully lose fat and retain or even build muscle mass in the process.

Mens Diet Plan To Lose Weight

My men’s diet plan is designed to have you lose body fat and build muscle leaving you looking and feeling like a hollywood actor. Just follow these men’s diet tips and a simple daily workout and you’ll feel and look fantastic.

Ryan Gosling Workout
Ryan Gosling Workout

What To Eat For Weight Loss

Here are the diet plan rules to follow to lose belly fat.


Make sure you’re eating lean protein with every meal. This should be your number 1 priority. Examples of lean protein include chicken, white fish like cod, tuna and occasionally fattier meats like salmon and sirloin steak.


For vitamins, minerals and fibre. Think green vegetables like broccoli. The ‘food volume’ that is the size of the food and the space is takes up in your stomach is very high compared to it’s calorific content so you can’t go wrong with having as much vegetables in your diet plan as you want.

Clean Carbohydrates

Great to fuel your workout, your day and of course your sense of well being. We want carbohydrates that burn clean. Clean carbs will help you build muscle and lose fat. Include the following clean carbs in your diet plan. Oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

Healthy Fats

From time to time swap out your lean proteins for fattier protein sources like salmon, eggs and red meat like sirloin steak cuts.

Macronutrient Percentages

To build muscle and lose fat shoot for around these macronutrient percentages.

  • Protein (40%)
  • Carbs (40%)
  • Fats (20%)
Ryan Gosling Workout
Ryan Gosling Workout

Mens Diet Plan Meal Examples

Try these following meal plan examples to build muscle and lose fat.

Pre Workout

  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon/Lime juice.
  • Coffee
  • Protein Shake (20 grams) with 1 banana, 1 teaspoon of organic honey/manuka honey and cinnamon. Drink half before your workout to provide amino acids through protein and energy via the carbs.


  • Oatmeal and Whey Protein or Plant Based Vegan Protein with Blueberries/Raspberries (Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds)
  • Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli and/or Spinach


  • Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli
  • Fish, Brown Rice, Spinach
  • Mixed Nuts / Coconut Oil
  • Fruit


  • Salmon, Quinoa, Broccoli
  • Steak, Brown Rice, Spinach
  • Mixed Nuts / Coconut Oil
  • Fruit

Mens Diet Tips

  • Follow the mens diet plan advice above
  • Get 8 hours sleep a night (if possible!)
  • Fast at least for 8 hours, ideally 12
  • Take a multivitamin, vitamin d, fish oil
  • Sip on shakes (Whey Protein/Plant Based) if hungry between meals
  • Workout between 3 times a week to daily (depending on your workout program)
Ryan Gosling Workout
Ryan Gosling Workout

Mens Workout and Diet Plans

If you’re interested in building muscle and losing fat in a simple straightforward plan check out The Diamond Push Up Program and the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout and Diet.

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  1. This diet plan is awesome. I have been trying out different workouts from your site and I have had awesome results. I wanted to ask if you could do Jared Leto’s Workout routine? Maybe a workout to get his everyday body, and then some routines for Joker and Morbius?

    • Yes, great idea! Jared Leto was in great shape for joker and I see he’s ripped for Morbius too! Can’t wait for that film!

      Jared Leto is vegan (are you?) I’ll put together a diet for the workout too which you can use/mix in.

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