Inner Chest Workout

Everyone wants the ‘inner chest line’! The chest separation line that runs down the middle of the chest.

Finally you can stop asking the question, ‘Do Diamond Push Ups work the inner chest’ because the answer is a big HELL YEAH!

Push Ups are THE NUMBER 1 exercise to squeeze, pump and carve that inner chest line, the one that pops when you’re rocking a v-neck t-shirt. This is how to workout the inner chest to build size and strength AND get that separation line down the middle.

Do these two chest exercises and that inner separation line is going to show.

Inner Chest Exercises

  1. Push Ups
  2. Dumbbell Flys
The Diamond Push Ups Program
The Diamond Push Ups Program

Superset Push Ups with Dumbbell flys back to back and aim to progressively increase your reps per set. You don’t need to go heavy with the flys as the majority of the bodybuilding and shaping will come from the diamond push ups. For the dumbbell chest flys go relatively light focusing on the mind muscle connection and time under tension. These dumbbell fly reps will top up the diamond pushup work allowing you to squeeze out every last bit of muscle growth.

When you’re ready to step it up another level try these two chest exercises for even more inner chest definition.

  1. Feet elevated Diamond Push Ups
  2. Incline Flys

Again, you’re going to want to superset both chest exercises and push to near failure.

Aim for 4 sets of 25 reps of both Push Ups and Chest Flys for the Ryan Gosling inner chest line.

Ryan Gosling Workout
Ryan Gosling Workout

If you pair these inner chest workout exercises with chest dips for overall chest mass you’re going to have the perfect chest workout to get bigger and stronger.

Tips for the Perfect Inner Chest Workout

  • Shoulders. Keep your shoulders back on all chest exercises (apart from pushups). For the Dumbbell Flys your shoulder blades should be pinned back and against the bench.
  • Form. Increase muscle fiber recruitment by using perfect form.
  • Weight. Never use momentum or compromise your technique. Go light and slowly progress.
  • Stretch and Squeeze. Make sure you stretch at the bottom of each rep and squeeze your pecs at the top of the rep.


Are you training the inner chest?

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