How To Lose Weight

I know about losing weight. My waist was 37 inches! I have tips to share…


When it comes to losing weight it really is just an issue of CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT, you can’t escape it. We don’t need to get too technical because mathematically it’s easy. In practice it’s a different story because the human body always wants to maintain it’s current weight. Seeing as it’s natural to eat and that today an overwhelming amount of food is packaged with ‘added tasty stuff‘ we end up overeating, gaining weight and then maintaining that weight. This chubby vicious circle continues until we make our debut on My 600lbs Life.


TDEE is the total number of CALORIES that your body expends in 24 hours. Now there are lots of fancy calculators that want to know; your age, height, favourite snack, what your favourite movie is, how many donuts you’ve ever eaten BUT DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME filling them in. When it comes to this site it’s all about making it easy, let’s just get the job done.

For FAT LOSS follow this simple bit of MATHS


So if you’re 170lbs it’s 170lbs x 12 = 2,040 calories. Your goal should be to lose weight safely and thus at a speed of around 1lbs per week. So you simply continuously track your weight loss. If you’re losing more – add some calories, if you’re losing say .5lbs then decrease calories until you find what WORKS FOR YOU. Of course it will vary from week to week depending on your activity level too.

Interestingly, tips to ‘lose weight fast’ involve being told to ‘not skip breakfast’! Let me tell you something – you SHOULD skip breakfast! Not only because 1) you’re trying to eat less and 2) the benefits of Intermittent Fasting are huge but because you need to REMOVE the addiction to food and it’s association with pleasure – at least until you hit your goal weight.

Ironically the LESS you EAT ultimately the MORE pleasure it brings because you truly start to appreciate the food itself, the enjoyment it can bring and a value for how lucky you are to have it. It’s like drinking water when you’re really thirsty. Yep, that plain old water tastes pretty amazing then, aye!

3 Things that help you Lose Weight

  1. High Fibre Vegetables
  2. Protein
  3. Fasting

High Fibre Vegetables

High Fibre Vegetables are HEALTHY (packed full of vitamins and minerals) FILLING (high satiety) with it’s BULKING EFFECT and LOW CALORIE (allowing you to get into a calorie deficit) and therefore essential for weight loss. Fibre is also going to increase bowl movements and the elimination of toxic waste through the colon . BROCCOLI is your new best friend.

The Importance of PROTEIN when in a Calorie Deficit

The ‘weight loss’ you want is a reduction in ‘body fat’. Retention of lean body mass is vital when in a calorie deficit. Increased protein intake along with your training can help preserve lean mass when losing weight.

Overweight young men consumed a high protein or moderate protein diet during a 40% calorie reduction diet, while performing high intensity exercise six days per week, for four weeks. Thehigh protein group (three times the RDA for protein, or 2.4 grams per kilogram of bodyweight) was able to increase lean body mass, while the moderate protein group (1.5x the RDA, of 1.2 grams per kilogram) was able to preserve, but not increase, their lean mass. Both groups lost the same amount of weight, but the high protein group was also able to lose more fat mass. (


Psychologically this is going to help massively. Remove breakfast and fast through till lunch, guess what? You can eat a bigger lunch and feel satisfied. Fast again till dinner and yep – you can have another big meal before bed. When you implement Intermittent Fasting it really doesn’t feel like you’re ‘going without’ or even dieting. You’ll also be saving time (cooking/sitting down and eating) saving money (less overall food to buy) and LOSING BODY FAT. What’s not to love about Intermittent Fasting?

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

*Body Fat Reduction

*Lowered Blood Insulin and Sugar Levels

*May Reduce Risk of Cancer

*Increase Cellular Repair 

*Increased Energy

*Increased Human Growth Hormone

*Reduction of Inflammation 

*May help you Live Longer


  1. Calorie Count – Make losing weight a matter of simple maths and remove the ‘pressure of deprivation’. Know that you’re eating as much as you can BUT within your calorie limit.
  2. Eat HIGH PROTEIN and HIGH FIBRE VEGETABLES in every meal. Think Chicken and Broccoli – satisfying, filling and healthy.
  3. FAT FREE GREEK YOGART feels like eating ICE CREAM! High in Protein, low in carbs and fats, add a calorie free sweetener.
  4. ZERO-CALORIE SWEETENERS. Are they healthy? Probably not. Do they add to the ‘pleasure taste addiction’ that causes us to overeat? Yes. BUT – are they a helpful tool if you’re overweight? MASSIVELY. You can utilise a Sweetener in your yogart and coffee and FEEL like you’re eating a treat keeping you from actually eating a treat.
  5. HOT DRINKS and SPARKLING WATER. Enjoy Green, Red or White tea and coffee when ‘bored’ and looking for something to ‘do’ (eat!). Hot drinks and sparkling water have a hunger blunting effect.

Found my fat loss tips helpful? What fat loss methods have worked for you? Drop me a comment below.