Brad Pitt Troy Workout

Brad Pitt Troy diet and workout to get ripped like Greece’s greatest warrior! Is this Brad Pitt’s best physique yet!?

Henry Cavill Workout

Henry Cavill rocks a jacked, muscular physique for his role as Clark Kent/Superman in ‘Man Of Steel’, ‘Batman Vs Superman’ and of course ‘Justice League’ and this is how he does it!

Jason Momoa Workout

Jason Momoa has always rocked a huge ripped physique, he peaked in Aquaman using a strict meat, veg and…guinness diet!?

Mark Wahlberg Workout

Mark Wahlberg has rocked a ripped Hollywood Physique since his ‘Marky Mark’ days. Movie after movie he has rocked some of the best actor movie star body transformations ever seen! Check out Mark Wahlberg workouts, diets and evolution of training!

Matt Damon Workout

Matt Damon got back in shape for the 2016 smash ‘Jason Bourne’ movie which meant saying no to the carbs! Check out his workout and diet to get ripped to play Jason Bourne! Push Ups Program To get ripped like a hollywood movie star, check out the Push Ups Program!

Ben Affleck Workout

Was Ben Affleck the best Batman!? Either way he was perhaps the most jacked Batman we’ve seen alongside Christian Bale. Let’s take a look at the Ben Affleck Batman Workout and Ben Affleck Batman Diet that got him ready for his epic portrayal! The Ben Affleck Transformation is one of the best actor transformations we’ve…

Ryan Reynolds Workout

Check out the video to find out how Ryan Reynolds gets ripped for his movie roles! Full Ryan Reynolds workout and diet!

Chris Pratt Workout

Chris Pratt got ripped to play a navy seal in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ using just Push Ups and running! Check out Chris Pratt’s body transformation below to find out how he did it, from workouts to diet!

Jamie Dornan Workout

Star of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ franchise, Jamie Dornan is a massive fan of push ups and utilising the power of push ups to get in shape for his movie roles such as playing Christian Grey. In ’50 Shades of Grey’ Jamie Dornan is rocking the right amount of muscle mass at a relatively…