Aaron Eckhart Body Transformation

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Aaron Eckhart got in great shape for ‘I, Frankenstein‘ and ‘Rumble Through The Dark‘. Check out the Aaron Eckhart workout and Aaron Eckhar diet to get movie star ripped!

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Aaron Eckhart I, Frankenstein Body Transformation

Aaron Eckhart got in amazing shape to star in ‘I, Frankenstein‘ and ‘Rumble Through The Dark‘, using bodybuilding techniques to get that movie star body. For the best actor body transformation workouts and diets check out the Hollywood Movie Star Program. In the video I made, I go into detail as to how Aaron Eckhart trains to build muscle and how Aaron Eckhart eats to support his lean muscle mass.

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Aaron Eckhart Workout

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless Muscles
Aaron Eckhart Shirtless Muscles

For the best Aaron Eckhart style workout and diet check out the Hollywood Movie Star Program!

You could choose to do A,B,A,B style workouts or A, Active Recovery, B, Active Recovery, A, Active Recovery (3 workouts a week) with one week A,B,A and the following week B,A,B.

Workout – (A) (Pull)

  • Dumbbell Rows (3 x 10-12)
  • Lat Pull Down (3 x 10-15)
  • Bicep Curls (3 x 8-15)
  • Dumbbell Deadlift (5 x 10-15)

Workout – (B) (Push)

  • Dumbbell Chest Press (3 x 10-12)
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3 x 8-15)
  • Tricep Extensions (3 x 8-12)
  • Squats (5 x 10-12) (alternate exercises for legs by adding a movement to either Workout A or Workout B)

Aaron Eckhart Bodyweight Workout

Aaron Eckhart Shirtless Muscles
Aaron Eckhart Shirtless Muscles

For a full body bodyweight Wolverine workout, check out the following using bodyweight and resistance bands to get lean and strong like Aaron Eckhart. Add daily walks for active recovery, calorie burn and general wellbeing.

  • Warm Up (dynamic stretching) (2 mins)
  • Resistance Band Warm Up (2 mins)
  • Wide Push Ups (5 x 10) (B)
  • Closer Push Ups (5 x 10) (B)
  • Resistance Band Pull Aparts (4 x 25) (A)
  • Resistance Band Curls (4 x 25) (A)
  • Chair Tricep Dips (4 x 25) (B)
  • Resistance Band Shoulder Press (4 x 10-15) (B)
  • Resistance Band Flys (4 x 25) (B)
  • Resistance Band Rows (5 x 20) (A)
  • Dips (5 x 10) (B)
  • Bodyweight Squats (10 x 10)
  • Jogging
  • Sprints
  • Stretch Routine (20 mins)

Pick 4 Pull (A) exercises and 2 Push B exercises per workout.

For the best Aaron Eckhart style workout and diet check the Hollywood Movie Star Program.

Aaron Eckhart Diet

Aaron Eckhart Jogging Shirtless Muscles
Aaron Eckhart Jogging Shirtless Muscles

Actor Aaron Eckhart, much like many other actors has been known to stick to the classic bodybuilding diet formula when getting ripped for his role such in. That classic bodybuilding diet includes chicken, broccoli and brown rice or a variation of it.

If you like this physique, check out the Brad Pitt Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Workout and Diet.

The nutrition diet protocols in put the Hollywood Movie Star Program has everything you need to get beach ready like Aaron Eckhart!

Aaron Eckhart Diet Foods

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Mince meat (low fat)
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Spouts
  • Asparagus
  • Coughetts
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Protein Shakes

Aaron Eckhart Diet Meals

  • Chicken and broccoli (classic)
  • Fish and broccoli
  • Salmon with greens
  • Tuna salad
  • Turkey with courgettes/zucchini

Aaron Eckhart Dessert Meals

I’ve put together some bodybuilding and fat dropping desserts or puddings Aaron Eckhart could try, you’ll find these desserts among many others in the Hollywood Movie Star Program to add muscle like a movie star.

  • Greek Yogurt, Cylon Cinnamon, Medjool Dates
  • Jumbo Oats, Cylon Cinnamon, Coconut Sugar, Brazil Nuts/Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Oil
  • Whey Protein or Plant Based Protein, Banana, Cylon Cinnamon, Honey

Include these ‘cheat meals‘ to wrap up your day or post workout, which ever works best for you.

If bulking or low body fat, direct carbs such as brown rice, sweet potatoes can be added. Again if bulking or body fat is low then additional fat sources can be added for hormonal health such as coconut oil or fattier cuts of meat and fish.

Hollywood Movie Star Program

If you’re into functional fitness with bodyweight and light dumbbells then you need to get on the Hollywood Movie Star Program!

Rock a lean, muscular physique with a simple daily workout. I put the Hollywood Movie Star Program together after dropping 50 lbs of body fat whilst carving out a muscular athletic physique!

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