200 Push Ups A Day

Push Ups got me in great shape for my summer holiday so I can safely say – they’re effective, they build muscle, give you a cardio workout and help burn fat!

The whole reason I put together my The Push Ups Program was because I was shocked at how effective they are, why didn’t my complex heavy weightlifting gym routine work as well!?

The Diamond Push Up Program
The Diamond Push Up Program

Most think push ups would either not offer enough resistance or that push ups everyday would just be overtraining . However as we’ve heard anecdotally – there’s just something about the power of push ups for sculpting a strong lean physique.

The Diamond Push Up Program
The Diamond Push Up Program

How Much Weight Is Used In A Push Up?

With a reguar push up you’ll be utilising 64% of your bodyweight. For example someone weighing 165lbs (75KG) would be pushing 105lbs (48KG). That’s the equivalent of using two 52lbs (24KG) dumbbells in each hand. Imagine doing 200 controlled slow reps with this weight but this time your lats, core and legs are holding the weight along with getting a powerful chest, shoulder and tricep workout.

Push Ups Before and After

Check out my video below for some before and after shots and a whole bunch of tips to help you get in your best shape using just push ups.

Celebrities that use just Push Ups


More on push ups HERE.

Download The Push Ups Program.

Let me know your current push up workout below!

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  1. Hi! How can I incorporate dips and pull up with push ups 200 daily? Also what if i have a resistance band, how can I most effectively work with it?

    1. Resistance bands are great for full body workouts and mobility/flexibility training too! You could do dips and pull ups along with push ups in a circuit, could even add in some bodyweight squats too!

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