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The Diamond Push Up Program
Hollywood Movie Star Program

If you’re thinking about doing bodyweight exercises like push ups and squats, then let me tell you something, that is a great idea! The results I’ve achieved from doing calisthenics bodyweight workouts have been fantastic. I started doing bodyweight moves including push ups and lost 50 lbs of body fat after being inspired by the Matthew McConaughey workout routine.

This lead me to put together three awesome programs to help others build muscle and lose fat without the need for any ‘Movie, Star, Genetics’!

Hollywood Movie Star Program
Hollywood Movie Star Program

Transformation Before and After

Check out my body transformation where I added muscle and dropped body fat to build a lean, strong, functional body.


Hollywood Movie Star Program
Hollywood Movie Star Program
The Fight Club Program
The Brad Pitt Fight Club Program
The Summer Shred Program
The Summer Shred Program

Hollywood Movie Star Program

If you’re into functional fitness with bodyweight and light dumbbells then you need to get on the Hollywood Movie Star Program!

Rock a lean, muscular physique with a simple daily workout. I put the Hollywood Movie Star Program after dropping 50 lbs of body fat whilst carving out a muscular athletic physique!

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22 Replies to “About”

    1. Hi from London, Steve!

      It’s currently on sale. If you purchase it you’ll be notified of the free updates so don’t worry about that!

      Any questions just shout!


          1. Buying now….
            I quit buying programs. But the simplicity of this is drawing me to it. Lol


          2. Purchased and read….
            A few Questions:
            1.) The Classic 200 = spread throughout the day while the Classic 2.0 and The Goal is one workout?
            2.) A LOOONG time ago I did this push-up workout where I started with 8 sets of 8 reps. When I hit all the reps with perfect form i did 9×9. The goal was 20×20. Then harder varieties. This is similar, love
            3.) have you done the Life Saving 40 workout for any extended periods with any results?

            Thanks!!!!! I like the simplicity of this book and program!

          3. Hi Ray, great you’re on the program! 1) ‘The Classic 200’ is about getting in 200 push ups on your workout days. This can be done in as many sets and reps as need be as you build up muscle strength and size. Listen to your body, rest when required and work towards getting in 200 reps on a workout day. 2) When you reach this target you then want to move onto ‘The Classic 200 – 2.0’ which is a structured 200 push ups workout to follow and progress with to get even more gains. ‘The Goal’ is an advanced workout once you’ve completed the ‘The Classic 200 – 2.0’. 3) I have done ‘The Live Saving 40’, it’s a great way to work on and judge your current cardio status. Just like all the workouts in the program, don’t rush the reps, perfect form is everything! Be sure to take as much rest as you need after doing ‘The Live Saving 40’ as you may well be working towards your max reps. Glad you’re loving it! Remember nutrition is key! How’s the diet going? Any questions just let me know!

  1. Hi Will,
    Big fan of push ups and your work, keep up the good stuff! I have a question from my friend who became a grandfather recently and would like to start working out after a long time. He does not really need to be super jacked, his “goal physique” is Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Not muscular as some of RDJ’s Avengers co-stars, nor shredded as Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Zac Efron. He would like to know what workout routine would you recommend to get a body like Downey. Anyway, like I said, keep up the good stuff!

    1. Robert Downey Jr has a great physique! Similar to how Brad Pitt is in ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’ I think!

  2. Hi Will,
    I wanted to ask you about the cardio routine inside your Diamond Push Ups Program. I would like to do the Life Saving 40 along with the Walking Workout (section 7b of the program). However I do not know how to add the exercises and how many reps should I be doing. Would you please give me a sample “everyday Walking Workout” routine?

    1. Great you’re on the program! The Life Saving 40 and the Walking Workout are two very different workouts with regards to intensity, although they do share cardio benefit goals. What do you mean about adding the exercises?

      1. You mention a few exercises that one can add to the Walking Routine (do not wanna name them here for everyone to see without buying the program, but bench dips from the top of my head). You say that one can do these exercises in between the walking.

  3. Hi Will I just bought the program and I was wondering if the ‘classic 200’ means that I do diamond push ups or normal ones? I have the same question for the ‘classic 2.0’. Because I find diamond push ups hard at the moment. I can only do 1 or 2 before i collapse.

    1. Start with regular push ups, as you master the form and gain muscle and strength you can introduce diamond push ups later!

  4. Hi Will I have a few questions about the program.
    When I do the ‘classic 200’. Does it mean i need to do diamond push ups or regular ones?
    Same question for the 2.0 and the goal.
    And since I’m a skinny guy do I just eat in a surplus (with the required protein) and do the program?

    1. Hi Jonathan, great you’re on the program! Start with regular push ups (with the perfect form you’ll find in the program) and progress from there. If you’re looking to put on weight then yes, eat in a calorie surplus. What’s your height, weight and physique goal?

  5. Hi Will,
    Just wondering if this will be good for building muscle as an ectomorph who’s struggled to build size?

    1. Hi Brodie, yes for sure! Great to either drop fat and build muscle or, in your case add strength and size!

  6. Hi Will. How often do you recommend to workout? In the program you mention working out 3-5 days per week. I am currently doing the classic 200 with diamond push ups, how many times per week should I do it? BTW loving the program.

      1. Awesome, thanks! What kind of results can one expect doing the Classic 200 “greasing the groove” style? I really like this type of workout as it is not time consuming at all. At the moment I can do about 25-30 diamond push ups. What do you think about doing the Classic 200 with decline diamond push ups (AKA feet elevated on a surface)?

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